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Find doctors in your network

Easily find doctors located near you. See reviews from patients and confirm your doctor is in-network.

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Get a list of all your medications

Your medication history is all in one place. Show it to your doctors and pharmacists to make sure your care is well coordinated.

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Get care notifications

Receive proactive alerts that help you take advantage of your health plan benefits and stay on top of recommended care.

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Book instantly with primary care doctors in select locations

Instantly book appointments with select primary care doctors in your health plan network. Same day and same week appointments are available.

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What our customers are saying

  • “Friendly, easy, and fast. Very considerate treatment all along the way. No surprises.”

  • “This is really, really, really helpful. Thank you for what you're doing.”

  • “This just made my day 100% easier.”

  • “I have never had as great a user experience.”

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We’re always happy to hear from you. Please keep in mind, Premera Pulse customer support doesn’t provide medical advice or answer questions about your health plan. We can help with your Premera Pulse account and answer any questions you may have about the services or our partner company, Vim.

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